A 22-YEAR-OLD man died of anorexia despite his family trying to get him to seek help.

Office worker Cam Vay Liu's emaciated body was found at his home in Blackheath Rise, Lewisham, on February 17.

His older sister Julie had gone round to the flat to check her brother was ok because he wasn't answering her phone calls.

At the inquest today at Southwark Coroner's Court Miss Liu described her brother as a "private person" but denied he suffered from mental health problems.

She said: "He had come out of care, I think dealing with that was quite difficult."

The weekend before she discovered his body she and Mr Liu had travelled to Leeds to see their brother.

She said: "He looked a bit weak and looked a bit pale. We ate dinner at a restaurant - I noticed in the daytime he wasn't eating."

Miss Liu said she had persuaded her brother to go to the doctor in January.

She added: "I tried to get him to go back but he said he was fine."

Four years ago Mr Liu weighed 52kg and pathologist Dr Michael Heath said: "That would indicate he was emaciated at that stage and possibly worse by the time I'd seen him.".

Coroner Dr Roy Palmer recorded a verdict of natural causes.

He said: "Anorexia is a pretty unusal disease in a young man. It's more common in young women."