If there's one thing Brits love, it's taking a trip to the pub for a slice of social life and to enjoy a cheeky pint.

But with the cost of living crisis laying heavy on many people's spending habits, many are choosing not to visit their local, seeing many pubs concerned for their future. 

However, now there is a way to find where you can get your favourite tipple from across the UK. 

With a new interactive 'booze' map created by Pantry & Larder finding you the cheapest pint. 

Using the Wetherspoons branches across the nation, the map was created using over 16,0000 prices from the brand's pub in the UK.

Finding that the price of a pint of Carling varies by a massive 191%, ranging from £1.99 to £5.79. 

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Unsurprisingly for some, London has some of the highest prices with a pint of Carling costing £4.39, but the map reveals that you could be two miles and be sipping on a pint that's 43% cheaper.

Map reveals the cheapest places for a pint in the UK

On the map, you can look for a specific alcoholic beverage, from a Guinness, Gordons Gin, Rose and even a WKD Blue. 

You can even find where the cheapest place to drink in your local area is, just search your local venue and see what other Wetherspoons are around that might just be cheaper. 

The cheapest drink of all is the Camden Hells (330ml) at just £1.75 across the chains of Scotland-based pubs. 

But moving into central London to The Moon Under Water, the same drink will set you back £2.49. 

Elsewhere in Cardiff at The Mount Stuart, a single Gordons with a mixer will cost you £4.85. 

But in neighbouring Newport at The John Wallace Linton, the same drink is nearly two pounds cheaper at £3.10. 

Veronica Fletcher from Pantry & Larder said: "Drink prices vary massively across the UK. And it's not just as simple as London being more expensive than the rest of the UK.

"For example, a bottle of Prosecco at my local costs £16.39. Less than three miles away, the exact same drink is 39% cheaper.

"Interestingly, certain drinks such as Camden Hells lager are significantly cheaper in Scotland."

You can see the full map now via the website.