As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, those early morning starts to work might make you want to run back into the warmth and comfort of a cosy bed.

However, alongside the freezing temperatures and the Christmas festivities are the seasonally themed drinks and treats made to warm us up.

Including the chocoholics favourite drink, hot chocolate, the perfect drink for children with a sweet tooth and adults alike.

And lucky for you, Greenwich is home to one of the most acclaimed chocolate shops that is renowned for its scrumptious hot chocolate.

As popular, food influencer South East Foodies shared back in March 2021 with their video sharing the must-try café.

Dark Sugars in Greenwich named the perfect spot for chocoholics

The food fans describe Dark Sugars as being “SERIOUS about chocolate and make a killer drink out of it.”

Sharing a video showing the hard work that goes into making the yummy drink, as staff cut thin slices of chocolate bars to add to the wintery drink.

Although the shop might be known to some as South East Foodies share: “If you’re a bit of a hot chocolate connoisseur, or just generally in the know about London’s hot spots, then you’re probably familiar with Dark Sugars”.

Adding that they were “seriously glad” the brand ventured south of the river after opening its first shop on the iconic brick lane.

The chocolate-themed store doesn’t just have the sweet treat up for grabs, with an array of ice cream flavours including pistachio, mocha, red velvet, Turkish delight and many more.

And if you like to try out new flavours, you can choose from a sweet and spiced hot chocolate with flavours like an Irish whisky, Oreo, ginger, chilli and even cardamom.

There’s no need to worry if you can’t make it down to their flagship store in Greenwich as you can even order their yummy treats online.

Including their pitch-black hot chocolate, and wild strawberry hot chocolate and there are plenty of signature boxes to try out too.

You can head to the Dark Sugars website to find out more and take a look at South East Foodie's Instagram page to get recommendations on where next to try.