Last Friday night, I went to the launch night of Shocktober Fest at Tulleys Farm in Crawley with reporter Amy.

Shocktober Fest, dubbed as "Europe's largest scream park" by organisers, features 12 shockingly scary mazes and attractions. 

If you're braving the park, prepare for a night filled with dazzling special effects, immersive scenery, live actors, great food and one hell of an atmosphere.

And for you scaredy cats who would rather give it a miss, we've rounded up the pictures of the launch night at Shocktober Fest.

We began our night of thrills in the VIP room - meeting a bunch of celebrities, influencers, and incredible actors from the park. 

Reporter Amy and 'devilsh prisoner' inside the VIP room

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Throughout the evening, monster-like musicians took to the stage and played classic hits for maze-runners to enjoy as they took a break from the scares.

Monster band performing on stage

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Shockingly good actors were walking around the park from opening to close, with many of them interacting with park go-ers.

The three dead nurses 

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The rain was pouring throughout the evening, but this did not stop reporters Poppy and Amy from braving every single maze.

Reporters Poppy and Amy taking a break from the rain

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Both reporters had the chance to catch up with some celebs in the VIP tent to hear their thoughts on the scream park. 

Reporter Poppy and Love Islander 2021 winner Millie Court

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The atmosphere was eeerie, the weather was cold and the vibe was spooky - a perfect fit for a bunch of halloween fun. 

Wasteland Maze entrance 

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To escape the wasteland walk-through haunt, you must come face-to-face with tourturing prisoners and find your way through the strobe lights and smoke. 

Actors from the Wasteland Haunt

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Electrick Circus, Shocktober Fest's latest walk-through maze, features a whole bunch of creepy clowns and trippy rooms. 

The super-charged journey creates sparks and cause jolts of excitement and terror - mostly by a group of dead clowns. 

Reporter Amy at the exit of Electrick Circus 

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Towards the front of the park, a live band played throughout the evening, with ghouls, zombies, vampires and monsters showing off their best dance moves.

Actors jamming to the live band 

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The live actors were the stars of the evening, with not one of them breaking character.

Amy with the dead school girl twins  

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Reporter Poppy with EastEnders star Shane Ritchie

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Shocktober Fest at Tulleys Farm is the perfect hot-spot for those looking to take part in some spooky fun this halloween. 

The scream park will be open to thrill seekers until November 5 with prices starting from just £12.00. 

Do you dare to enter?

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