Strangers who met in the queue to see the Queen lying-in-state have revealed that they might now meet back up at Glastonbury Festival.

Jack Ciuro and Zoe George went viral online after meeting and queueing for 14 hours together on Friday, September 16 after the death of Her late Majesty The Queen.

Social media users suggested the pair's meeting could be the start of a new romance, with some comparing their meeting to Love Actually.

Although the pair did meet back up to watch the funeral together in Hyde Park, Jack since revealed that people’s first impressions of his relationship with Zoe were misplaced.

Jack told the News Shopper: “Quite early on it was mentioned that we both have partners.

News Shopper: Jack and ZoeJack and Zoe (Image: Jack Ciuro)

"We were asking ‘why are you here on your own?’, and we both instantly said that our partners couldn’t be bothered to turn up.”

Despite Jack and Zoe not fulfilling the queue romance predictions, they have stayed in touch - and Jack has already received an invitation to Zoe’s wedding.

The pair are also trying to organise double date nights.

Jack said: “Actually, we were planning on going for drinks this evening, but I don’t think we can because her fiancé has work.

“We are definitely going to meet up again soon and catch up together.”

Jack said it was also a possibility they would go to Glastonbury Festival together next year.

He said: “I definitely want to go to Glastonbury again and I’m pretty sure Zoe does too.

“I’d definitely meet up with her there."

Jack currently lives in Vauxhall and studies physiotherapy at St Mary’s University in Twickenham.

Despite the ten-year age difference, Jack said Zoe’s great sense of humour stood out immediately.

He explained: “She is very funny, very bubbly and an outgoing person.

“And even though I’m ten years younger, I’m probably more mature for my age.

“She is probably a bit funnier than me.”

When first talking together in the queue, Jack was not entirely sure they would meet up again for the Queen’s funeral - but by the end they decided to for "definite".

Jack said: “We both just said it would be good if we go together.

“It’s one of these things where you just say it and don’t think it’s actually going to happen.

“By the end, we were like, yeah we will definitely meet up again and go to the funeral together, and we did.

“It was so funny just sitting there and texting each other about how everyone thought we were in love.

“I feel like the public just loved the fact that we were going to a funeral and had managed to get a date out of it.”

“It was hilarious to go along with it”, he added.

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