Earlier this week, Transport for London shared fears that the £230 million dent in its finances from the Government would force the branch to further cut its services in order to balance the budget.

However, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan soon announced that he would provide TfL with £500 million from City Hall funds over the next 18 months to help avoid cuts.

But, according to reports from London Evening Standard, the mayor's bailout is likely to see plans for the average council tax bill to increase.

This could result in the bill rising by at least £20 a year for an extra two years to help produce more cash for TfL.

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Plus, plans previously made to axe 22 bus routes across central London and changes to over 50 routes are still be decided, with a decision expected later this year.

TfL first got their £1.2 billion pandemic bailout when it was agreed with the then Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, with TfL left to find £230 million from unidentified savings.

This forced TfL to reduce the cost of its staff pension scheme by £100 million and to pay £250 million in infrastructure cost of expanding of the ULEZ across Greater London until next August.

Mayor Khan said that he believes it is key for TfL to maintain services as close to pre-pandemic levels as possible to get more passengers back to the network.

Weekend travel has nearly returned to normal with around 80 to 90 per cent of normal service on TfL running.

Whereas underground numbers are not often above the 75 per cent of its pre-pandemic levels in 2019.