PEOPLE who buy cigarettes and alcohol from door-to-door salesmen may find themselves in trouble with the law.

North Kent police have warned salesmen who offer a cheap deal may be up to no good.

Sergeant Rod Chapman said: “If the deal offered is too good to be true, you would be wise to suspect the goods may be stolen.

“Cigarettes and alcohol have become the target of many break-ins in the area recently and thieves may be looking to sell them on.

“If a buyer even suspects what they are buying may be stolen, they are committing an offence.”

The warning follows an incident in Swanley recently, where a resident handed over £140 to a man who said he was selling cigarettes.

The man took the money but has not yet returned with the goods.

Sergeant Chapman added: “There are two ways you could get caught out by taking the risk of buying cigarettes and booze on the street.

“You may face a charge relating to handling stolen goods or you could simply lose your hard-earned cash.”

Anyone who has been approached with an offer to purchase cheap goods they suspect may be stolen, should call 01322 283111 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, if they prefer to remain anonymous.