Video-sharing social media platform TikTok has revealed a major chance to the app.

The video sharing platform has gone from strength to strength over the past few years with Brits scrolling through endless videos of cooking recipes, comedy and dance routines.

But TikTok has faced competition from new platform BeReal in recent months. A photo-sharing app designed to show a snapshot of what a user is doing at a certain point during the day, no matter how mundane.

What is TikTok

It seems TikTok has been influenced by this model as they confirmed the new feature called TikTokNow.

The company said: “Say hello to TikTok Now: a new feature for you to connect and create with friends.”

“Get ready for daily push notifications, prompting you to capture either a 10-second video or static photo of what you're up to at that moment in time.”

One usere replied: "So a BeReal rippoff?"

Another added: "OH, but now isn't this BeReal's thing?"

What is BeReal?

Created in 2019, BeReal is a photo-based social media app that prompts a user to take a simultaneous front and back camera picture once a day, at a random time, within a two-minute window.

The idea is to show the user and their surroundings at that precise moment no matter how unglamorous the location or how they themselves look and as a result be more authentic online.