LONDONERS have several candidates to choose from in the London Assembly election on May 1.

The city is split up into 14 constituencies, with Greenwich and Lewisham being one and Bexley and Bromley another.

Each elects one member and there are a further 11 members elected from a party list.

This system makes the total number of members from each party proportional to the votes cast for that party across the whole of the capital.

Voters in the Bexley and Bromley constituency can choose from 10 people to represent their area.

They are:

  • James Cleverly - Conservative Party
  • David Davis - Left List
  • Ann Garrett - Green Party
  • Mick Greenhough - UK Independence Party
  • John Hemming-Clark - Independents to Save Queen Mary's Hospital
  • Alex Heslop - The Labour Party
  • Tom Papworth - Liberal Democrats
  • Miranda Suit - Christian Peoples Alliance and Christian Party
  • Steven Uncles - The English Democrats Party
  • Paul Winnett - National Front Party

Greenwich and Lewisham voters also have a choice of 10 people to represent their area.

They are:

  • Tess Culnane - National Front Party
  • Len Duvall - The Labour Party
  • Chris Flood - Socialist Alternative
  • Stephen Hammond - Christian Peoples Alliance\The Christian Party
  • Andy Jennings - Conservative Party
  • Jennifer Jones - Left List
  • Susan Luxton - Green Party
  • Johanna Munilla - The English Democrats Party
  • Brian Robson - Liberal Democrats
  • Arnold Tarling - UK Independence Party

Details of the London-wide assembly member candidates can be found on the London Elects website

Nominations for the Mayor and London Assembly elections can still be withdrawn by candidates or their parties before midday on Wednesday (April 2).