Liz Truss has been elected as the next leader of the Conservative Party and the next Prime Minister of the UK.

Tory members were given the choice of Liz Truss or former Chancellor Rishi Sunak as the successor to Boris Johnson.

They voted to back Mr Johnson’s foreign secretary, Liz Truss, as the next Prime Minister.

Following the announcement of the result this lunchtime, the new leader of the Conservative Party thanked voters for supporting her campaign.

Liz Truss: The new UK PM in profile

She said: “It is an honour to be elected as leader of the Conservative Party.

"I would like to thank my friends, family and colleagues who helped on this campaign. I would like to pay tribute to my fellow candidates, particularly to Rishi Sunak.

"I think we have shown the depth and breadth of talent in our Conservative Party.

"I know that our beliefs resonate with the British public. I campaigned as a Conservative and I will govern as a Conservative.

"I will deliver a plan to cut taxes and grow our economy.

"I will deal with the energy crisis, dealing with people’s bills, but also on the long-term issue we have on energy supply; and I will deliver on the NHS."

The new Prime Minister also praised the outgoing leader.

Liz Truss reveals plans to tackle soaring energy bills as PM

Ms Truss said: “I would also like to thank Boris Johnson.

"Boris, you got Brexit done, you crushed Jeremy Corbyn, you rolled out the vaccine and you stood up to Vladmir Putin.

"You are admired, from Kyiv to Carlisle."