Shocking footage from Notting Hill Carnival shows partygoers accidentally breaking a bus stop after climbing on top of it. 

The viral video posted to Twitter shows revellers enjoying the carnival and dancing atop of the bus stop in Ladbroke Grove before things went south.

More people quickly climb on top, the weight forces the bus stop to collapse as four bystanders below are nearly crushed as one girl is hit on the head and forced to the floor as the stop collapsed on top of her.

As the revellers hit the floor the crowd shares their shock with many running to help those that fell and hit by the stop. 

The now-viral video caption reads "and that wraps it up for summer 22" whilst in the video a tagline of "wait for it" is used before the big drop.

People quickly took to comment on the video with a mixed of surprise reactions and many hoping those involved were okay. 

One person wrote: "A general lack of understanding of basic physics, mathematics or engineering was on full display right here."

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Another wrote: "Common sense is no longer common at what point did they think that wouldn’t end like it did smfh."

Many viewers shared their thoughts about a girl in a blue outfit who happened to be walking under the stop as it collapse and was seemingly injured. 

One user wrote: "poor girl in the blue" whilst another said: "I feel so bad for sis in the blue..."