This bank holiday weekend more than two million are set to gather in the London neighbourhood of Notting Hill to celebrate the return of the much-loved Carnival. 

The carnival returns following three long years of postponement as the Covid-19 pandemic forced the globally loved event to be put on hold. 

With parades of colour, impressive costumes, amazing floats, steel bands and of course the yummy mouthwatering food, Notting Hill Carnival always brings in huge crowds. 

Ahead of the big day on Sunday, August 28 the area will have a number of roads closed for the festivities that could impact local residents. 

What times will Notting Hill Carnival Roads be closed?

The roads will be shut from 6am on Sunday, August 28 and will remain closed until 6am Tuesday, August 30. 

Most roads in the area will be closed with residents that live along the route expected to move vehicles by 6am on Sunday or the night before. 

Residents in Notting Hill are also being asked to not drive back into the area until Tuesday when roads reopen. 

What roads are closed for Notting Hill Carnival?

If you live in the area you'll need to be made aware if you have been affected by the road closures and will need to make alternative plans. 

Those roads are:

  • Aldridge Road Villas 
  • Alexander Street 
  • Alexandra Mews 
  • Alfred Road 
  • Artesian Road 
  • Bishop’s Bridge Road from Porchester Road to Westbourne Grove 
  • Botts Mews 
  • Bridstow Place 
  • Chepstow Road 
  • Courtnell Street 
  • Durham Terrace 
  • Elgin Avenue between Harrow Road and Chippenham Road 
  • Fermoy Road 
  • Harrow Road from Ladbroke Grove to Great Western Road 
  • Hatherley Grove 
  • Hereford Road 
  • Hormead Road 
  • Kildare Gardens 
  • Kildare Terrace 

  • Lancaster Road 
  • Leamington Road Villas 
  • Ledbury Road 
  • Monmouth Place 
  • Monmouth Road 
  • Moorhouse Road 
  • Newton Road 
  • Northumberland Place 
  • Queensway between Westbourne Grove and Porchester Road (access will be allowed into Queensway from Bayswater Road to allow access to parking) 
  • Redan Place 
  • Shrewsbury Mews 
  • Shrewsbury Road 
  • St Luke’s Road 
  • St Stephen’s Crescent 
  • St Stephen’s Gardens 
  • St Stephen’s Mews 
  • Sutherland Place 
  • Sutherland Terrace 
  • Talbot Road 
  • Tavistock Crescent 
  • Wellington Close 
  • Westbourne Gardens 
  • Westbourne Grove 
  • Westbourne Grove Terrace 
  • Westbourne Park Road 
  • Westbourne Park Villas 
  • Western Road 
  • Ledbury Road 
  • Woodfield Place 
  • Woodfield Road

Traffic around Notting Hill Carnival

Due to the road closures, traffic in neighbouring areas is expected to be heavy than usual. 

Traffic will be diverted around the following ring route in both directions: 

  • Harrow Road, Porchester Road, Bishops Bridge Road, Inverness Terrace, Bayswater Road, Notting Hill Gate 
  • Holland Park Avenue, Uxbridge Road, Wood Lane, Scrubs Lane, Harrow Road

To get more information head to the Notting Hill Carnival website.