A Thames Water hosepipe ban has come into force across London amid concerns of drought. 

The water company said July was the driest in the recent record and saw reservoirs at their lowest levels. 

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The ban will affect over 10 million customers in the region, including in the Thames Valley, North West Kent and South Essex.

Amid the temporary ban, many customers will be asking what can and can't be done during the restriction. 

News Shopper: What you can and can't do as hosepipe ban comes in to place in London (PA)What you can and can't do as hosepipe ban comes in to place in London (PA)

What you can not do during the London Hosepipe ban:

The main restrictions mean that domestic customers will not be allowed to use hosepipes for cleaning cars, watering plants or allotments as well as filling paddling or swimming pools.

Customers will also not be able to clean walls or windows on a domestic property, along with not being able to clean a private leisure boat, maintain a water fountain, clean patios or any artificial outdoor surfaces such as astroturf. 

Along with the banning of hosepipes, the ban also prohibits the use of garden sprinklers, irrigation systems, pressure washers and similar items.

What can you do during the hosepipe ban in London?

Although customers can not use hosepipes and similar equipment, Thames Water has said that the use of mains water is permitted. 

Meaning mains water from a watering can or bucket instead of a hose is allowed and not breaking the ban. 

Plus, customers who are Blue Badge holders or on the company's Priority Services Register will still be able to use a hose for watering gardens, maintaining ponds and cleaning vehicles. 

However, if you are found to be breaking the hosepipe ban and are not a customer that is permitted to, you could face a fine of up to £1,000.

Check to see if you are affected by the hosepipe ban via the Thames Water website.