The UK could be braced for another heatwave this weekend with temperatures hitting as high as the high twenties – if not thirties – ahead of the August Bank Holiday Weekend.

The final weekend of the month could once again reach scorching temperatures as the British summertime draws to a close.

The Met Office has issued an update following reports last week.

Met Office update on reports of 30C heatwave

Met Office experts predict that temperatures will rise steadily to a peak on Wednesday. Midweek temperatures could hit 30C in some areas this week, they say.

"Temperatures generally near average today, but gently rising during the coming days reaching a peak midweek," they warned.

"Temperatures could locally exceed 30°C in one or two spots across the south and east on Wednesday," it added. 

The weather map on the Twitter page shows 28C highs by Wednesday.

British Weather Services  senior meteorologist Jim Dale says temperatures could reach the high twenties.

Mr Dale said: “As it looks from the models now, around the bank holiday temperatures could be in the high 20s and the extreme would be 30C degrees.

“The southern areas might see 25C, 26C, 27C degrees and the odd 28C 29C, with the extreme getting to 30C degrees.”