AFTER receiving their A-level results yesterday, many students will be looking forward to starting university in September.  

Leaving the comfort of your own home and going to university can be a nerve-racking experience for some, believe me, I was in the same position four years ago.  

Before starting my journalism career, I studied Multimedia Journalism and MSc Sport Management at Bournemouth University.  

And, I can tell you that it was such a great experience from meeting and making friends, learning more about the industry, and of course, we cannot forget about the student nights out.  

Like many students before starting university, I was on Google and YouTube searching for tips on the ultimate university experience. 

Although it sounds all good to leave home and become independent, moving out can be stressful.

Managing and saving money was one of the most difficult parts of my experience.

My bank account suffered the most during freshers week, especially with the amount of money spent on nightclub events.

But thinking back, it was all worth it in the end with the memories and lifelong friends you make.

University can fly by, and when you're caught up in all the excitement and deadlines, it's easy to make mistakes and take student life for granted.

So, to help you overcome your worries (if you have any) I’ve got some tips here that might help.  

Budgeting Money 

Start by establishing exactly what your income is and work out what you need to pay for. 

This should include regular payments such as rent, gas, electricity, water, TV licence, mobile phone, broadband, and insurance, as well as any regular savings you might make. 

Work out your living costs, including what you spend on groceries and snacks, transport, extra study costs, clothes, toiletries, household items, cleaning, and socialising.  

Getting to know other people 

Make sure you socialise with your flatmates and try to get to know each other.  

They’re also in the same position as you, so don’t be afraid to leave your room and go and have a chat with them.  

It’s also important to remember, there are lots of people at university, with lots of likes and dislikes – you're bound to find someone with interests like yours.  

Don’t feel pressured into doing anything – it's okay to say no to something you don’t enjoy, and people will be more understanding than you think.  

Learn some basic cooking skills  

Eating properly at university is not as hard as you might think. 

Spend some time mastering the basics and learning a few simple meals, and you'll soon be able to feed yourself and save a whole load of cash in the process. 

There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube, so there are no excuses for you to learn.  

Don’t be afraid to ask for help 

If you ever feel overworked, stressed, or just in need of advice or a friendly ear, just talk to people.  

This could be your friends, family, or even your lecturers.  

Most universities have a student's union so make an appointment with them and see how they can help.  

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