From enjoying ice creams on Blackpool beach to making camp fires in the New Forest, our readers seem to have visited some incredible UK destinations when they were younger.

We asked News Shopper readers what their favourite UK holiday spot was when they were children – and received some nostalgic responses.

A large selection of readers said Isle of Wight, Camber Sands, Devon, and Cornwall were their favourite destinations.

Others claimed they did not have the opportunity to go on holiday as a child - so they created their own version at the comfort of their homes.

We had more than 1,000 responses from our audience, and we've compiled the top 20 spots.

We asked our readers, ‘Where was your favourite UK holiday spot when you were a child?’ and this is what they said.

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Ann Carole Hedges said: “We used to go to Camber Sands, and on the way back to London, we always stopped off in Rye for a game of pitch and putt and fish and chips.

“Such happy memories.”

Brenda Stenson said: “Isle of Sheppy with Nan and Grandad, every weekend and the whole of summer, great memories."

Tina Lewis Baker said: “My parents couldn't afford holidays,but my lovely mum and I did go 'oppin' every year.

"I was always late back to school after the summer holidays. best days ever.”

Linda Miller said: “When I was 10 we went to Margate, “It was fabulous living near sea.”

Colin Griffiths said: “Mum and dad used to take us to Folkstone and Eastbourne – wonderful memories.

Stephanie Joan said: “My first holiday ever.

“With just me aged 11 and my mum at a B&B in Germany.

“It was amazing, being the youngest of five, having my mum to myself for a whole week.

Christine Moore: “I was lucky enough to have been brought up by the sea in my hometown of Plymouth.

“Outdoor pools of salted water were free.

“But we, as children, would go down to the pier where the coal boats would come in.

“We had so many wonderful times growing up in Coxside a small part of my hometown.

“Happy times and memories that would stay in my heart forever.”

Rachel Hawkes said: “We never went anywhere as we couldn’t afford it, but I have the best memories of being home.

“One day, mum kept us off school and we went to the beach – the Warren in Folkstone.”

Sharon Paxton said: “Hayling Island on the south coast visiting my grandparents, many great memories.”

Dave Brigden said: “Isle of Wight.

“Loved it as a small boy on holiday.

“I live there now and have done for 23 years.

“Beautiful place, full of mostly beautiful people.”

Tony Newberry said: “Corton, rented caravan from a lovely lady Mrs Drain who lived not to far from us.

“Fantastic lifelong memories with my mum and dad.

“Never been happier.”

Peter Thurkle said: “Dymchurch, in the sixties on the bend going towards the miniature railway, there was a pie and mash shop.

“Happy Days in the sea messing around by the sewage outlet pipe.”

Jean Hollyoake said: “Herne Bay, my family live there, spent every school summer holiday there .

Candy Scott said: “Cornwall was a favorite with mum and dad, but Whitley Bay with grandparents and uncle.”

Norma Tomlinson said: “Primrose Valley in my dad's mates caravan.”

Vincent Wade said: “Stranraer and Portpatrick, great times fishing with dad”

Karen Worley said: “Southend with my cousin and husband.

“Always had a lovely time.”

Dave Lee said: “Cleethorpes think I went twice.

“But the best holidays were when we visited family in Newbury... If we could only turn back time.”

Pauline Monger said: “Our first holiday was at Bognor Regis when I was 11, we stayed in a caravan and had to take all our own sheets etc, my sisters and I had to sit on them in the back of dad's Morris Minor.... such happy times.

Lynda SA said: “Jaywick Sands, every year went there.

“I understand it has changed an awful lot since those days.

“I still have a brother who lives in Claxton just up the road.”

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