Hosepipe bans are affecting over a million people in the UK right now, as measures are in place to cope with the long period of dry weather.

Residents in certain areas are being banned from using hosepipes for a long list of activities, including watering gardens and washing cars.

However, as reported by The Independent, there are a couple of exemptions that allow people to get around the ban, which has been criticised by some groups.

Some people will be allowed to water newly-planted lawns during this time - with some even allowed to fill hot tubs.

This will be the case for South East Water’s hosepipe ban, which will come into force for customers in Kent and Sussex from Friday (August 12).

News Shopper: Exemptions were allowed for new turf and hot tubs for the hosepipe ban (Canva)Exemptions were allowed for new turf and hot tubs for the hosepipe ban (Canva)

In the FAQ section of its website it states: "You may use a hosepipe to water newly laid turf in domestic gardens for 28 days after planting/laying in order to help them establish. In order to do so you must be able to provide evidence of that date on which the gardening work was completed.

"Failure to do so and watering for longer than 28 days will be considered a breach of the conditions of the temporary use ban."

South East Water did clarify that they would prefer people to wait for cooler weather before laying turf when they "expect to see demand for water reduce".

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Hot tubs also do not face any restrictions, as on the website it states: "Hot tubs are not restricted. Although exempt we would ask if you can wait until cooler weather and demand for water reduces for any water use that isn’t really necessary, that would really help."

Christine Colvin from the Rivers Trust told The Daily Telegraph a hot tub was a “luxury use” of water.

She said to the paper: “You can understand people wanting to nurture their gardens, growing food in their gardens, wanting to keep things alive. That doesn’t apply to a hot tub. That just seems crazy."

The advice that impacts Kent and Sussex differs to the advice given to the Isle of Wight and Hampshire which does prohibit people from filling up hot tubs.