PEOPLE living in Bexley will not be offered discount prices on the new Dartford tolls.

The Department of Transport is proposing residents of Dartford will get 50 free crossings and then discounts of nearly 90 per cent when the toll is increased from £1 to £1.50.

But people from Bexley will be expected to pay the full amount.

Bexley Council leader Councillor Ian Clement is fuming about this.

He described the move as "ludicrous" and said: "Yet again we find Bexley residents being treated as second-class citizens by Government.

"Because of the serious lack of public transport options in our borough, people are forced into using cars.

"They are then being penalised for this."

Cllr Clement said Dartford was the nearest river crossing point to Bexley and the proposal would "rob some of the most isolated and deprived communities in the Thames Gateway area of better job prospects".

Consultations are under way on the proposals, which would give toll discounts only to people living in Dartford and Thurrock.

It is expected the new tolls and the discounts - which apply only to private cars - will begin in the autumn.