Stacey Solomon has taken her fans' advice as she prepares to get married to Joe Swash. 

The Loose Women star, 32, has spent the last few days putting the finishing touches to her intimate family wedding in Essex.

The TV presenter has been sharing behind-the-scenes snaps on her Instagram story as the big day finally looms, following it being postponed due to the Covid pandemic and her pregnancy with baby Rose.

The couple delayed the wedding so that her entire family could be at their ceremony at their home - Pickle Cottage.

After trialling her wedding hair and sharing her new blonde do with fans on Instagram, Stacey posted updates of the wedding coming together on her stories.

The BBC Sort Your Life Out host posted a video of stacked outdoor tables and chairs alongside the caption, "Good Morning, Set Up Time".

Stacey went on to say: "A special message to Ikea who has given me the opportunity to borrow their beautiful chairs, tables, cutlery and so much more so that we can use them for the day and then we will clean them and donate them to charity.

"I am so grateful to have this chance to be able to give to different charities to pass on to people who will be able to use it...

"It is a huge privilege to have a platform and I don't take if for granted.

"Nothing is guaranteed and nothing lasts forever so while I have the chance, I'm so glad to be able to do things like this...

"Thank you @ikea AD - Donation, Now time to set them up.

Stacey Solomon explains how she can marry Joe Swash at their home

Stacey decided to answer one burning question that lots of her fans had been asking. 

In a post of presumably her own and baby daughter Rose's wedding shoes, she explained how she could marry Joe at Pickle Cottage. 

She responded to a screenshotted message which asked: "So excited for you and your family. Being nosy but I always wanted to get married at home and didn't think could? How does it work?"

Stacey replied: "To get married anywhere legally the place has to have a "civil ceremony" licence. 

"One of the requirements of this licence is that the premises must be "readily available" for ceremonies...."

"As this is our private family home and we need it to remain that way we couldn't go for that option.

"So we are having a relaxed private blessing in front of our closest friends and family and a ceremony of our love to each other and we will register our marriage legally after."

Stacey Solomon quits social media ahead of wedding to Joe Swash

In her last Instagram story of the day, Stacey updated fans that she would be taking their advice ahead of the wedding.

Alongside a snap of a bathtub running water, she wrote: " Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your beautiful messages and the kindest well wishes ever.

"Thank you for all your advice and tips.

"One of the pieces of advice all of you told me was to soak it all in and enjoy every second because it's over in a flash.

"So I'm going to say goodbye to my phone for a few days and make sure I take in every moment, the set up the getting ready, the day and the aftermath.

"I love you all lots and lots and lots. Thank you for your kindness always and lots of love from Joe, Harry, Zachary, Leighton, Rex and Rose.

"-And me - Soon to be Solomon Swash".