The GP Patient Survey has revealed how doctor’s surgeries in Greenwich were rated for 2022.

Patients have had their say on the service their GP provides in an annual survey carried out by the NHS.

The survey includes categories such as how easy it is to get an appointment, whether appointments are in person, and how helpful the receptionists are.

We’ve searched through the results of the 31 GP surgeries in Greenwich to find the best and worst rated surgeries for overall experience.

Manor Brook PMS came out on top, with a high satisfaction rate of 89 per cent, making it the third best-rated GP surgeries out of all 126 across Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich, and Lewisham.

On the other end of the scale, Eltham Palace PMS was at the bottom with just 42 per cent of patients saying they had a good overall experience – making it the second worst GP surgery out of all 126.

The nine next worst-rated GP surgeries in Greenwich were:

  • Everest Health Partnership – 43 per cent
  • New Eltham and Blackfen Medical Centre – 45 per cent
  • Greenwich Peninsula – 46 per cent
  • Waverley PMS – 48 per cent
  • Bannockburn Surgery – 49 per cent
  • Plumstead PMS – 51 per cent
  • Blackheath Standard PMS – 53 per cent
  • Burney Street PMS – 54 per cent
  • Abbeyslade PMS – 56 per cent

After Manor Brook PMS, the nine best-rated GP surgeries were:

  • Elmstead Medical Clinic – 83 per cent
  • St Marks PMS – 81 per cent
  • Valentine Health Partnership – 80 per cent
  • Vanburgh Group Practice – 78 per cent
  • Fairfield PMS – 74 per cent
  • Gallions Reach Health Centre – 71 per cent
  • Mostafa PMS – 69 per cent
  • Glyndon PMS – 69 per cent
  • All Saints Medical Centre – 69 per cent

You can look through all the results online to see where your GP surgery ranks compares to the rest of England.

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