The two huge heatwave fires in Dartford have finally been put out after firefighters tackled them for more than two days.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service are urging people to avoid walking around the site of the fires, on Dartford Heath and Durrell Dene, as remaining toxins and fumes could be dangerous for days.

Fire crews continued to monitor both sites throughout the evening yesterday to ensure that there were no remaining hotspots where fires could break out again.

A spokesperson for Kent Fire and Rescue Service said that firefighters worked hard in “arduous and punishing conditions” to put out the two fires which both broke out around midday on Tuesday, July 19.

Billowing smoke could be seen across the A2 and in surrounding areas, but firefighters managed to contain the fires and prevent the flames from spreading too much further.

Crews are now urging people to take extra care to prevent anymore wildfires this summer.

People are being advised to keep barbecues far away from any greenery or fences and ensure cigarettes are fully cold before disposing of them.

A spokesperson for the Kent Fire and Rescue Service said: “Firefighting operations at the scene of a grass fire on Durrell Dene, in Joyce Green, Dartford have now been completed, and the fire has been extinguished.

“Fire crews will revisit the area regularly throughout the evening and will continue to monitor the site.

“Firefighting operations at the scene of a fire on Dartford Heath, near Rochester Way on the A2 have been completed, and the fire is now out.

“Crews will continue to monitor the site periodically throughout the evening.

“Crews are continuing to urge people to avoid walking on the site, and on charred areas of ground, since remaining toxins and fumes that will be present for some days to come, could be bad for the health of people and animals.

“Firefighters worked hard in punishing conditions to surround the fire, preventing flames from spreading and containing the fire to the area.

“They would like to thank local people for their cooperation in following safety advice throughout the incident, particularly in such warm conditions this week.

“To help reduce the risk of further wildfires this summer, crews are urging everyone to take extra care.

“If you're having a barbecue, keep them well away from greenery, shrubs, property and fences, and if it's disposable, only bin them once they've fully cooled.

“You should also ensure cigarettes are fully cold before disposal, take any rubbish home with you, and avoid lighting bonfires during periods of hot or windy weather.”

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