Firefighters are continuing to tackle the grass fire in Joyce Green, Dartford, 24 hours since it began.

12 fire crews were called to the scene of the fire near Durrell Dene at 11.54am yesterday and this later increased to 18 fire engines as the wildfire spread.

The fire continued to burn throughout the night, but the operation was scaled down to six fire engines.

Gareth Johnson, the MP for Dartford, has thanked the Kent Fire and Rescue Service for their long and hard work, despite battling heat exhaustion and injuries themselves.

He added that he was grateful that no serious injuries or damage to homes had occurred.

This morning the number of fire engines and resources at the scene has increased again as firefighters continue to tackle and contain the blaze.

The billowing smoke that had been seen throughout yesterday has now died down and people in the area are no longer being warned to keep their windows and doors closed.

A spokesperson for Kent Fire and Rescue Service said: “Crews remain at the grass fire near Durrell Dene, in Joyce Green, Dartford.

“Following a night of containing the blaze and maintaining a watching brief, the number of fire engines and resources on scene is now increasing again as firefighters continue to tackle the fire today and damp down hotspots.

“Smoke from the fire is now minimal, and people living and working nearby are no longer advised to keep windows and doors closed.

“KFRS would like to thank local people for their cooperation in following this advice in exceptionally warm conditions.”

Gareth Johnson said: "We’d all been dreading something like this happening.

“The ground is so dry that it was not going to take much for a large fire to occur.

"I have been given regular updates from Kent Fire and Rescue Service and it is not unfair to say that they faced a perilous situation which was declared a major incident and threatened a large part of Dartford.

“They literally threw everything they had at these fires and despite incurring heat exhaustion and injuries themselves, they managed ultimately, to bring the fire under control.

"This fire was so serious that it genuinely threatened the area.

“We owe them all a huge debt of gratitude.

“We have all been shocked at the video of the fire by the A2 and the fire by the horse sanctuary near the bridge was also awful.

“Thankfully, it seems that we have avoided serious injuries or anyone losing their home."

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