A major incident has been declared in London today (July 19) amid a surge in fires caused by record-breaking temperatures from the heatwave

With temperatures exceeding 40C in the UK for the first time on record. 

Now, Mayor of London Saqid Khan said a major incident had been declared following the sudden surge in fire outbreaks. 

Saying that the London Fire Brigade is under "immense pressure" following telling the public it "is critical". 

Major Incident declared in London:

Sharing in a tweet: "London Fire Brigade has just declared a Major Incident in response to a huge surge in fires across the capital today.

"This is critical:@LondonFire is under immense pressure.

"Please be safe. I'm in touch with the Commissioner and will share updates when I have them.

The Mayor also added advice to the public to avoid fires saying: 

  • Don't BBQ on grass or balconies
  • Don't leave broken bottles or glass on the grass (it can start fires)
  • Dispose of cigarettes safely Report a fire as soon as you see one 

One of the biggest fires seeing 100 firefighters is tackling a huge blaze in Wennington in East London. 

With footage showing thick black smoke billowing into the air and buildings and field on fire in the village.

London Fire Brigade shared that 15 fire engines were called to the scene just after 1pm when temperatures were recorded at 40C.

One home is said to be completely destroyed in the fire whilst nearly fields have been scorched.