The highest recorded temperatures in the country today have been in Surrey and south London.

By 11am, the highest recorded temperature nationally was 37.3C at Charlwood in Surrey, according to the Met Office.

Kew Gardens in south London reached 36.9C at the same time, whilst Heathrow and St James’ Park both saw temperatures of 36.6C.

Met Office meteorologist Annie Shuttleworth said it is “extraordinarily unusual” to see temperatures in the 30s by the morning rush-hour in the UK.

She also said that the high overnight temperatures have led to a very warm start to the day.

Last night, the London Borough of Croydon saw the second highest minimum temperatures overnight in the country.

Kenley, in Croydon, reached a temperature of 25.8C overnight – contributing to it being the warmest night on record in the UK.

Annie added: “We are expecting the temperatures to climb higher than they did yesterday.

“It’s looking pretty likely a new record is broken today.

“We’re looking at the maximum temperatures somewhere between 40C-41C.”

London Ambulance Service are advising people to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and keep hydrated as temperatures continue to rise today.

Brian Jordan, director of 999 operations for London Ambulance Service, said: “People have been through a very long day yesterday and there’s been high temperatures overnight.

“With the even hotter temperatures today, I cannot really emphasise enough that people need to continue to do what we were asking them yesterday – to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, keep hydrated, look after more vulnerable friends, families, neighbours and use sun cream.”

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