This week parts of the UK are set to be hit with soaring temperatures as a shocking heatwave causes the mercury to rise.

Red weather warnings are in force across the country warning of extreme heat, with some areas seeing temperatures as hot as 40 degrees.

As Brits prepare for the weather, various hacks have gone viral online showing us how we can keep cool.

One hack that has gone viral on TikTok is the tinfoil window hack. But what actually is it, and does it work?

News Shopper: TikTok heatwave hack (Canva)TikTok heatwave hack (Canva)

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What is the TikTok tinfoil window hack for the heatwave?

The TikTok viral tinfoil window hack has seen Brits cool their houses down by placing tinfoil on the outside of their windows. Seems like a crazy technique, but does it work?

Many on TikTok swear by the hack, claiming it immediately helped to cool down their house. Window specialists at Safestyle explain how it works.

Adam Pawson, Head of Digital said: “Blocking your windows with tinfoil will help to keep your rooms cooler in the heat as it reflects the heat back outside.

“However, it is really important to be careful to place the tinfoil on the outside of your windows rather than inside to prevent the glass from getting too hot.”

Should I close my windows during a heatwave?

Safestyle experts have provided some more hacks to help you keep cool during the heatwave, including advice on keeping your windows open or closed.

When we are hot, it is tempting to crack open all of the windows in our house. However, this isn’t always the smartest option.

Deciding whether to keep our windows closed or open them slightly involves considering the direction the sun is facing. North-facing and south-facing windows need different treatment when it comes to cooling down our rooms.

Adam explains: “Choosing whether to open your windows or keep them closed depends on their positioning.

“If your windows are south-facing, it is best to close your curtains or blinds, or put the window in the night vent position to allow some air in. Whereas, if your windows are north-facing, it’s advised to keep them shut to avoid any hot air coming in.”