A mum from Sidcup admits to have made up bizarre scenarios, such as marrying her cat, to get a platform as an activist.

Deborah Hodge is no stranger to the media – as she has featured on ITV's This Morning to address the importance of the benefits system and has shared “incendiary” stories about herself to media outlets across the UK, such as marrying her house and pet cat and hosting a funeral for Richard Branson’s cardboard cut-out, all in the effort to gain a platform as an activist.

Last month, the mum-of-four told the News Shopper that she wants to stand for Prime Minister, as she believes the way to enter the world of politics is to “story tell” through the media.

News Shopper: (images: Deborah Hodge)(images: Deborah Hodge)

Deborah said: “I’ve been doing this for six years.

“I’ve been in the press more than 50 times and basically make up incendiary stories to get in the media.

“For example, recently I’ve been on This Morning and spoke about benefits.

“I knew they were going to crucify me, but I did it because I wanted to stand up for people on benefits.

“Yes, I may have made up a story about marrying my cat, however, I am an activist.”

News Shopper: (images: Deborah Hodge)(images: Deborah Hodge)

Deborah still has the ambition to become Prime Minister and claims her manifesto would include topics of heating UK homes, challenging the supply and demand chain, supporting the benefits system, and tackling climate change.

“We need to be looking after the people at the bottom” Deborah added, as she claims there is no one standing up for the working class.

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Deborah added: “I do worry about the fact that Boris Johnson is in power until September, because I reckon, he's covering stuff up.

“I'm literally independent - I'm just an ordinary working class mum asking for change.

“I want to be in a country where healthcare is free, where we've got cheap energy, where we can help the homeless and where we can afford to heat our homes.

“If you look at the demographic of the people who are standing for Prime Minister, I am very worried for this country.

“I see nothing great about Great Britain at the moment.”

News Shopper: (images: Deborah Hodge)(images: Deborah Hodge)

Deborah believes that MPs are not taking climate change seriously enough.

She said: “MPs don’t take climate change seriously – they don’t acknowledge it.

“At the moment, you know, climate change activists are not looking very attractive, but there are more sensible ways of addressing climate change.

“I want to get myself in a position where I'm a world leader and ask the questions.

“We need to think about things that are sustainable, we have to feed everybody and make sure everyone is prepared for the winter.

“I’d love to look deeper into the price hikes and helping the NHS.

“I think the point that I wanted to make was, people like Rishi Sunak, and Kier Starmer are both resting their prime ministerial claims on economic growth, but economic growth is directly related to climate change.”

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