We’ve sifted through the hundreds of items for sale on Facebook Marketplace in south east London and found some great summer bargains.

Facebook Marketplace is a way to discover, buy and sell items.

It’s a place where people can find what they’re looking for, filtering through results by location, category, and price.

It’s also a great place to save money and find unique, affordable items.

After skimming through the much-loved Marketplace, we’ve found some great summer bargains, ranging from the likes of desk fans, BBQ equipment and even sun cream.

1. Fans

News Shopper: (images: Facebook)(images: Facebook)

There is no better time than now to buy a fan – especially as Britain is heading towards an extreme heat warning this upcoming week.

Market Place has a selection of fans for sale in south east London – all ranging at different prices, depending on the size, length, and speed of the fan.

In Orpington, there is currently a desk fan on sale for £9 and is said to be in an “excellent condition” by the seller.

In Erith, a 29 inch tower fan is on sale for £26, and a seller in Bexleyheath has a large 500mm fan on sale for £50.

2. Sunglasses

News Shopper: (images: Facebook)(images: Facebook)

It goes without saying that sunglasses are a great wardrobe essential, but the most important benefit of wearing sunglasses is that they protect your eyes from UV light.

Whether you prefer basic, quirky, or designer sunglasses, south east London have a considerable amount of sunglass listings.

We’ve found a number of luxurious sunglasses in south east London, at a much lower cost than retail prices, starting from as little as £20.

In Bromley, we found an unused pair of Ray Ban glasses on sale for just £20, some stunning Dune sunnies for £14 and a pair of gold sunglasses for £3.

And for those who want their pooches to be the trendiest in the park, we also found some pet sunglasses for sale in Orpington at £1.

3. BBQs

News Shopper: (images: Facebook)(images: Facebook)

BBQs can be mega expensive and hard to come by, especially in the summer months when we’re all craving a chargrilled burger on a hot summers evening.

But Marketplace is full of unique BBQ’s, at an affordable price too, that could be perfect for your next garden party.

In Chislehurst, buyers can quite literally purchase a standard BBQ on sale right now for just £15.

We found a great selection of portable BBQs too, for those who prefer a cook-out away from home.

A folding BBQ is currently on the market for £20 in Beckenham, perfect for festival goers or camping lovers.

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If you are a passionate BBQ lover, a grand American stainless steel BBQ is on sale in Bromley for £325, that features 6 main burners, infrared searing side burner and a cooking space, all compacted into one BBQ.

4. Sun Cream

News Shopper: (images: Facebook)(images: Facebook)

Sun cream is a summer essential for everyone – no matter what age.

High street sun creams can sometimes be a little overpriced, but never fear, Facebook Marketplace have some incredibly cheap listings in south east London.

An Avon rep in Bromley has advertised sun cream for just £3, and offers a buy one, get one half price deal too, meaning two bottles would cost only £4.50.

5. Hats

News Shopper: (images: Facebook)(images: Facebook)

Hats aren’t just subjective to summer, of course, but they’re a great statement to protect eyes and prevent skin damage from the sun in hot weathers.

Hats are a great way to regulate body temperatures too, especially young children who may not be able to deal well with the hot weather.

Sellers in Erith, Welling and Belvedere have a selection of summer hats for children, that cost as little as £2, and feature different designs, colours, and shapes for each individual child.

A seller in Bexleyheath currently has vintage summer hats for sale at just £1, including the brands Ping and Fitleist.

Elegant straw sun hats are also popular in south east London, with one Sidcup seller advertising a brand new black pom pom hat from Next for just £10.

6. Water Bottles

News Shopper: (images: Facebook)(images: Facebook)

You can never have too many water bottles, Perhaps you’d like to treat your little one to a personalised water bottle that a Bromley seller deems to be “perfect for keeping drinks cold” at just £10 per bottle.

One seller in south east London has advertised a FREE Voss water bottle on Marketplace – a great approach to helping the environment.

If you want to feel like you’ve just stepped out of the Love Island villa, then a Woolwich seller has you covered with personalised skinny love island water bottles for sale at £4.

For cyclist enthusiasts and gym go-ers, a leakproof sports drink bottle is on sale in Orpington for £3.

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