Lewisham Council has issued over fifty incorrect parking fines to residents of High Level Drive estate in error.

Legally, if you live in London, you must not park partially or wholly on the pavement.

However, people living on the estate claim they have been parking like this for years to allow other cars to get past on the road without ever having any issue.

They also claim that no signs were put up to make people aware of the fact that they are not allowed to do this, or that the council was going to start fining.

News Shopper: One resident's car was scratched and damaged by the bin truck trying to get past (photo: Uche Akiti)One resident's car was scratched and damaged by the bin truck trying to get past (photo: Uche Akiti)

Uche Akiti, a single-mum who has lived on the estate for over 14 years, said: “I’ve been parking half on the pavement since 2008 and so has everyone else.

“Suddenly, out of nowhere, they came and ticketed everyone on the estate without any warning or communication.

“It’s like they want to kick the poor man whilst the poor man is down.

“How dare you do this to hardworking people who are just trying to feed their kids?”

People living in the area have started petitions and written complaints to Lewisham Council and Lewisham Homes, the housing association.

Uche, 43, added: “If the cars on both sides of the road parked off the pavement you couldn’t even fit a pedal bike through it.

“So now the binmen can’t get through to collect our rubbish, and we already have rats and foxes everywhere.

“What if something like Grenfell happened again? The fire brigade wouldn’t be able to get through – haven’t they learned from that?

“I now have to park so far away that I have to walk back in the dark at night on my own, because the street lights are broken and haven’t been fixed.

“I do not feel safe anymore.”

A spokesperson for Lewisham Council said: “We responded to several reports from residents in High Level Drive who were unable to access the pavement using their mobility scooters, as some vehicles were parked on the pavement.

“Our team attended the area to check for obstructive or dangerous parking, to assist with concerns raised.

“Some Penalty Charge Notices were issued in error to residents who were parked on pavements correctly.

“We have cancelled these PCNs, and we sincerely apologise to residents for any inconvenience caused.”

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