As the nation prepares for the hottest temperatures in recent history, there's concern that travel services could be impacted. 

This was already seen on Monday (July 11) as hotter weather impacted train tracks near London Victoria station which were set alight creating travel chaos.

Now with the Met Office predicting highs of 34C and an amber extreme heat warning issued by the body, there is a likely chance that services could be affected. 

So before you head out into the heat, we've got all the information on what to expect for services during the heatwave

Top tips for sleeping during the heatwave

How will the London Underground be affected by the heatwave?

Services are expected to run on their usual timetable schedule, but travellers are being warned that the tube network will be a lot hotter than usual. 

Stations are set to feel hotter that the outside heat, with previous records showing that some trains can reach 10C hotter than outside temperatures. 

And as tube trains do not have to be air-conditioned, there is a prediction that services including the Central line could reach highs of 35C. 

If you wondering what lines are best to avoid if you're not a fan of the heat, then you're in luck as according to a report by TfL in 2016, the hottest lines are: 

  1. Bakerloo line
  2. Central line
  3. Northern
  4. Victoria
  5. Piccadilly
  6. Jubilee
  7. Waterloo
  8. District, Circle, Hammersmith & City, and Metropolitan


But there is some good news, as the new Elizabeth Line is air-conditioned so you might be able to avoid the hot trains and hop on the new cool service. 

Will London buses be affected by the heatwave? 

Although the iconic red buses might seem like they are a great way to avoid the heat regular travellers will know that when they get busy and the sun shines in they can feel like a sweaty sauna. 

With June's heatwave seeing a bus in Brixton caught fire after the Met Office placed a Level 3 heath alert warning for the capital. 

However, buses are not set to be disrupted by the heat but there is a chance of overheated engines that could cause travel delays. 

With firefighters across the regions warned Londoners that there is an increased risk of fires due to the high temperatures. 

Advice on how to stay cool in London during the heatwave

If you want to try your best to stay cool during the heatwave the best advice is to wear light clothing and to carry a fan. 

Plus, if you don't fancy being in an enclosed hot space with other bodies it's advised to avoid peak travel times if possible and to avoid buses altogether.