A Mottingham home-owner has been prosecuted and given a hefty fine for breaching planning laws after nine people were found living in his property.

Christopher Liburd failed to respond to a planning notice from Bromley Council, or cooperate with their investigation, and has now received a £604 fine.

Liburd owned a property on Avondale Road which had nine people living in just six of the eight bedrooms.

A House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) requires planning permission and a licence if seven or more non-related people are living there.

In November 2021, Bromley Council contacted Liburd regarding this investigation, but he did not respond.

Due to his failure to respond, the council issued Liburd with a Planning Contravention Notice in February 2022 – which Councillor Angela Page has said “it is a legal requirement to respond to.”

However, Liburd did not respond to this notice or provide the council with any answers or explanations which led to his prosecution.

Liburd was given a £220 fine, a £34 surcharge and issued £350 in costs – totalling £604.

Councillor Angela Page, executive councillor for public protection and enforcement, said: “We will always investigate alleged breaches of planning law, and will always make enquiries with the individual concerned, which is key to resolving the situation.

“It is a legal requirement for individuals to respond to Planning Contravention Notices, in the same way that a legal requirement exists to respond to other legal enquiries, including from the police.”

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