eBay is giving shoppers the chance to get their hands on some of the items worn by this year’s islanders on ITV dating show Love Island.

This series is the show’s eighth and it’s the first time that a pre-loved fashion retailer has provided clothes for those in the villa.

Fans of the show have been able to shop similar outfits to the ones the islanders have been wearing but now they can buy the exact pieces in an auction.

eBay launches auction to sell Love Island clothes worn by islanders on the ITV show

If you’ve been wondering where you can grab an outfit that you’ve seen worn by an islander, here’s how you can.

You’ll need to go to the eBay x Love Island auction hub and bid on your favourite outfit.

The auction is live now and it will end on Monday, July 11 at 9pm.

The highest bidder on eBay will receive the item and with 40 items available, there’s plenty to choose from.

News Shopper: Men's Collar Neck T Shirt (eBay/ITV)Men's Collar Neck T Shirt (eBay/ITV)

Starting at 99p per item, the auction will be hosted by pre-loved seller Reskinned.

The proceeds from the sale of the islanders’ pre-loved items sold in the auction will be donated to charity.

Jemma Tadd, Head of Fashion at eBay said: “We’re thrilled to be giving fans a first-of-its-kind opportunity to shop the actual outfits worn by the Islanders.

"Since the partnership, it’s been great to see mindsets and conversations around pre-loved fashion shifting and we hope that through this auction,  fans of the show will be inspired to shop and put pre-loved fashion centre stage, just like the islanders.”

News Shopper: The Couture Club Satin Bomber Jacket (eBay/ITV)The Couture Club Satin Bomber Jacket (eBay/ITV)

Items available to buy in the Love Island shop UK auction on eBay

A variety of items are included in the auction and if you'd like to shop the outfits, you can visit the eBay website. 

Dresses, bomber jackets, skirts and tops worn by islanders are all included.