The MP for Bromley and Chislehurst has labelled Boris Johnson “deplorable” and “embarrassing” as he calls for the Prime Minister to leave No.10 immediately.

Sir Bob Neill, chair of the Justice Select Committee, is calling for Boris Johnson to resign now and not continue as a caretaker Prime Minister until the Autumn.

He believes that deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab should take over whilst the party looks for a permanent replacement as soon as possible.

Sir Neill told the News Shopper: “I’m pleased that Boris is apparently going to leave, but it’s pretty deplorable that he’s had to be dragged out the door kicking and screaming.

“The way he is clinging to office is embarrassing for himself, the party, and the country.

“We have a deputy Prime Minister for a reason and he should take over.

“Boris needs to fall on his sword swiftly – it’s a real risk if he doesn’t.”

Sir Neill wrote a letter of no confidence to the Prime Minister after the Sue Grey report was published regarding party-gate, and he has submitted a new one since the recent Chris Pincher allegations.

He said: “I have been of the view that Boris should leave for some time now.

“Maybe some people hoped there might be a change of ways after party-gate, but it’s pretty clear the Prime Minister couldn’t change.”

There have now been more than 50 resignations from government, and Sir Neill is concerned that this chaos will detract from the real issues facing Bromley residents.

He added: “We have real issues that the people of Britain and Bromley face, like the rail strikes, which we need to focus on – not this.

“We need a complete re-set to restore the party’s reputation.

“Change needs to happen sooner rather than later.

“There’s no need for an immediate general election, but we do need a government more broadly based across the whole party – not just a cabinet of political allies.

“I’m not campaigning for a particular person to replace the Prime Minister, but I do think there’s a number of credible ministers who could, and then we can get back to dealing with the issues that matter.”

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