Bromley Council is warning businesses not to sell alcohol to those underage after two shops have had their licences suspended.

Johny’s on Croydon Road in Penge and Embas Local on Station Approach in Lower Sydenham have both received a one-month suspension on selling alcohol.

The ban came after test purchases of alcohol by Bromley Trading Standards’ underage volunteers found that the shops were selling age-restricted products to people underage.

A separate trading standards test-purchase also showed that the Challenge 25 policy was not being followed in these retailers.

Councillor Bob Evans, chairman of the Licensing Sub-Committee, said: “At the heart of the Council’s licensing policies and indeed contained within the Licensing Act is the need to protect children from harm and therefore the Committee needed to act with the utmost seriousness.

“We are hopeful that the retailers will reflect on this and take action to follow the law and help protect our children in this way.”

The committee met on June 22 and have also decided that Johny’s and Embas Local must now always have a personal licence holder present when the sale of alcohol resumes.

Councillor Angela Page, executive councillor for public protection and enforcement, said: “We do receive reports from time to time from residents who are concerned about the selling of alcohol to children and about the selling of other age-restricted items as well and we do follow up on these reports.

“We will continue to target retailers whom we suspect are ignoring the licensing legislation.

“It is important that all staff comply with the law or ultimately, the retailer could face enforcement action.”

The Council’s Trading Standards team had previously provided guidance to the retailers about how they can avoid selling alcohol to children.

This includes operating a refusals book, training all staff, and operating a Challenge 25 policy.

If you are concerned about a retailer selling to underage children, you can contact the Council’s Trading Standards team in confidence.