A homeless shoplifter who racially abused security staff after stealing sweets from a Wilko store in Bromley has been jailed.

On June 21, security at Wilko on Bromley High Street detailed a man who had been stealing sweets from the store.

The shoplifter, Alan Collins, had become “extremely” violent and aggressive, causing the store staff to call the police.

Officers arrived at Wilko within one minute, but the 25-year-old man then racially abused the store's security officer and made threats to police.

He was arrested, and police were provided with a video that a witness had recorded on their phone.

Collins, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty at Bromley Magistrates Court on Friday, June 24.

He was sentenced to six months in prison for public order offences and theft, which was aggravated by his racist abuse.

Police Inspector Gary Allen, based in Bromley, said: "The Metropolitan Police remain absolutely committed in supporting everyone in our local business community, but also our own officers, who should not have come to work and expect to be the victims of any crime, let alone hate-crime.

"I am proud to be the inspector leading a hard-working team of Town Centre Team officers in Bromley - we will continue to work tirelessly with our response team colleagues and our business partners in the pursuance of justice and order."

A spokesperson for Metropolitan Police said: “A shoplifter who racially abused security staff and police officers in Bromley has been jailed.

“On Tuesday, 21 June, staff and security at Wilko, Bromley High Street, detained a man, 25-year-old Alan Collins, who had been seen stealing sweets from the store.

“Collins' became extremely violent and aggressive and police were called to the scene.

“Officers from the Bromley Town Centre Team and Bromley Emergency Response Team arrived within one minute.

“Collins' then racially abused the security officer and made verbal threats towards the officers.

“He was arrested, and officers quickly located witnesses who provided officers with mobile phone footage of the incident.

“After pleading guilty at Bromley Magistrates' Court on Friday, 24 June, Alan Collins, 25, (25.05.97) of no fixed address, was sentenced to six months' imprisonment for a racially aggravated public order offence against the member of store security, a public order offence against one of the police officers and a charge of theft.”

Bromley Town Centre Police tweeted: “Town Centre team 1 assisted Response team E when a shoplifter became violent.

“Officers arrived within a minute and detained the male who made numerous threats and racial abuse toward the security.

“Suspect Charged for 5x offences, one being for the racial offence. #teamwork”

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