INVESTIGATIONS into a video that went viral claiming racist comments were made at a football match has found the allegations of racism were wrong.

A video was shared on social media after a match between The Wall FC and FC Elmstead at Beckenham Town FC's football ground in Eden Park Avenue on April 14.

The footage, which has been viewed more than 85,000 times on Twitter, was filmed from the corner of one of the goal posts.

The Wall (TWFC) and FC Elmstead are both Grassroots football teams, playing in the Orpington and Bromley District Sunday Football League Senior Division.  

The video posted after the match on April 20 had subtitles alleging that racist comments had been made by a person at the ground. 

On May 17, London FA (LFA) issued a charge letter alleging that Robert Williams, a match official, had engaged in “improper conduct” including the use of foul and abusive language.

In a report by LFA, it says that it was alleged that Mr Williams said the words “the only thing is, it’s a little bit dark so no-one can see them” or words similar to this effect.

It was then alleged by TWFC in a social media post that these words were said by another individual, with a supporting video including audio commentary and subtitles, the report states.

The LFA Commission heard live evidence from Leon Wright of TWFC and Mr Williams.

Mr Wright felt the comments had been said by another person, this being a Beckenham Town (BTFC) official named Peter Palmer.

Mr Wright believed the words that were said were along the lines of “the lights go off you can’t see them” with individuals then laughing and someone responding by saying “don’t say that out loud”.

Having reviewed the audio recordings, the LFA commission unanimously agreed the conversation had in fact been:

Mr Palmer: ‘’How’s the grass down that line Rob?’’

Mr Williams: “The only thing is it’s a little bit long no-one can see me’’

The LFA commission unanimously agreed the subtitles contained within the original social media post from TWFC were therefore incorrect.

Therefore the allegation of improper conduct including the use of foul and abusive language was not proven.

Beckenham Town have responded with a statement, which was posted on Twitter, following the conclusion of investigations by the FA and Metropolitan Police.  

In the statement, the club said that Peter Palmer had not been racist and the video used “incorrect” subtitles.  

As a result of the FA investigation, neither Beckenham town FC or any club official was charged.  

The subsequent charges against the individual who received them were dropped during an FA appeal. 

Beckenham Town says they are “extremely disappointed” in the lack of support from London FA, throughout the investigation. 

A spokesperson for Metropolitan Police said a man was interviewed under caution and a number of other witnesses were spoken to during the investigation.

London FA also responded following the end of the investigation describing it as a “complex” case by conducting a “thorough” and “fair” investigation.

The Beckenham Town statement said: “Nobody in society should ever be subject to discrimination of any form and it must be stamped out for good.  

“As a club we will continue to be open and inclusive to everyone in the community. 

“To those who have stood by us and supported us throughout this time and to those who have subsequently issued apologies, we thank you. 

“We can now look forward to our inaugural campaign in the Isthmian League Division One South East.”  

A spokesperson for Met Police said: “The Met investigated the incident. A man was interviewed under caution and a number of other witnesses were spoken to.

“Following consultation with the CPS, nobody has been charged.

“The Met’s investigation has now concluded.

“We ask people to report any allegations of hate crime to us.

“We will investigate and wherever possible bring those who commit racially aggravated offences before the courts.”

London FA’s statement reads: “London FA and The FA take all allegations of discrimination very seriously. This was a complex case and we conducted a thorough and fair investigation.

“All the evidence was considered and ultimately decided by an independent FA Disciplinary Commission, who unanimously agreed that the subtitles contained within the original social media post from The Wall FC were incorrect and the charges were found not proven.

“We are grateful to the commission for settling this case and fully respect this outcome.”

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