London drivers are being warned as new rules come in force today (June 27) that could see drivers fined £160 for veering into cycle lanes. 

The rules set out by Transport for London  (TfL) means motorists caught within or across cycle lanes marked by a solid while line could be issued a hefty fine. 

However, first offenders will only receive a warning letter instead of a fine for the first six months of the new scheme. 

At full price, the fine will cost £160 but if paid in the first 14 days will be reduced by 50 per cent to £80. 

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan who chairs TfL said the CCTV network will be used to enforce car-free cycle lanes on key roads. 

The change comes as TfL says the move will make the capital's streets safer. 

Cycle lanes are only permitted to be used by rental e-scooters in trail areas and pedal cycles. 

The rules are being enforced as part of the TfL Cycling Action Plan and Vision Zero goal, which aims to eliminate death and serious injury on London's roads. 

Siwan Hayward, TfL's director of compliance, policing, operations and security, said: "Protecting designated space for cyclists is essential in keeping them safe and improving confidence to cycle.

"We want to ensure a green and sustainable future for London, and to do this we must continue to make walking and cycling round our city safe and accessible to all Londoners."