TAXI drivers in Bexley are “frustrated” over the train strikes after they were left waiting "hours on end" for customers outside Bexley station today.

Mete Arnavut, 60, and Inderjit Singh, both taxi drivers for 45 years, said they have never experienced business to be “so slow."

Mete, from Welling, told the News Shopper that he has only picked up three passengers in the eight hours that he has worked today.  

News Shopper: Mete Arnavut waiting outside Bexley station (NS)Mete Arnavut waiting outside Bexley station (NS)

Inderjit, from Bexley, also said he was left feeling “hopeless” after sitting outside Bexley station waiting for customers to arrive. 

Mete said: “I have been in this business for 45 years and I’ve never seen anything like this before.  

News Shopper: Bexley station (NS)Bexley station (NS)

“I’ve been up and working every day since 5am. 

“I would usually have around 10 or 15 passengers by 12pm but it's now 12.30pm and I've only had five customers." 

Commuters over the UK are being advised to work from home and only travel if “absolutely necessary” by National Rail.  

The strikes are held by Rail, Maritime, and Transport Workers members (RMT) after disputes began over their wages and working conditions. 

The nationwide strike started today (June 21) and will continue until Sunday, June 26. 

News Shopper: Bexley station (NS)Bexley station (NS)

Mete also said how the decision made by the train companies has had a “major impact” on taxi drivers as well as commuters travelling into the city. 

Mete explained: “As train companies have advised people not to travel this has had a major impact on us and we’ve been waiting hours on end for a customer. 

“I understand why they do it, we all want to be heard but it’s extremely difficult, especially with petrol prices being so high.”  

Mete said he will wait for a few more hours outside Bexley station before ending his shift.

News Shopper: Bexley station (NS)Bexley station (NS)

After waiting for more than three hours outside Bexley station, Inderjit took the decision to go home for the rest of the day.  

Inderjit said: “I’d normally be working for most of the day but there’s no point of us sitting and waiting here.  

“So, I’ll go home for now and hope tomorrow will be a better day.”  

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