‘Oh, what a night!’ says reporter Immy Share after being transformed back to 1950s Jersey for the evening.

It’s been a while since my last theatre trip, and what a comeback it was.

News Shopper:

I went to see Jersey Boys at Bromley’s Churchill Theatre on Tuesday evening and it was incredible.

The actors and actresses, the set and production design, and the all-singing, all-dancing music made it a night to remember.

The set for each act was meticulously produced, right on-point, and really made the audience feel like they were in Jersey with the boys.

News Shopper: photo: Churchill Theatrephoto: Churchill Theatre

Feeling every emotion, going through every season, and wanting to sing and perform for a living.

The creative team deserved a serious round-of-applause – as did the band.

The cast was phenomenal, and I became completely obsessed with a boy group of the 1960s.

Lewis Griffiths portrayed Nick Massi’s devoted care for music excellently, lead-guitar player Tommy DeVito was played perfectly by Dalton Wood, final addition to the band Bob Gaudio was played like a star by Blair Gibson, and Michael Pickering was epic as Jersey Boys frontman Frankie Valli.

News Shopper: photo: Churchill Theatrephoto: Churchill Theatre

And, admittedly, I did take quite a liking to him during the show.

I felt like I was on the rollercoaster of the pragmatics of each season with each cast member, or band member, and when in ‘fall’ the band’s career was on the brink of falling apart – the audience felt it with them.

When they headed to the top again in Winter, the whole audience was up singing, dancing, clapping and cheering.

News Shopper: photo: Churchill Theatrephoto: Churchill Theatre

All for four ordinary boys becoming an extraordinary pop group.

I ‘couldn’t take my eyes off’ the show, ‘my eyes adored’ it, and by the end I really was ‘ beggin’’ for more…

That says it all really – Oh. What. A. Night!

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