A blockbuster bank holiday to mark the Queen's 70 years on the throne is the ultimate opportunity to look back on Her Majesty's most iconic moments.

With seven decades of public appearances with world leaders to heart-warming family moments to choose from, it's no easy task.

From her "James Bond" skit at the London 2012 Olympics to putting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in his place, here are just seven from the best of her reign.

Queen Elizebeth II's funniest moments to mark the Platinum Jubilee

The Queen's 'skit' with Daniel Craig at the London 2012 Olympics

She participated in a "James Bond" skit with actor Daniel Craig when London hosted the 2012 Olympics.

As part of the opening ceremony, she was escorted by the secret agent James Bond from Buckingham Palace to the Olympic Stadium by helicopter before they both appeared to parachute into the event.

Although the helicopter jump was actually performed by stuntman Gary Connery, Queen Elizabeth was reportedly "very amused by the idea and agreed immediately," according to the royal dressmaker Angela Kelly in her memoir, "The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe."

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The Queen poked fun at President George W. Bush

The Queen left the United States' 43rd President lost for words at a welcoming ceremony at the White House in 2007.

In his speech, Bush accidentally said that her Majesty celebrated the US bicentennial in 1776 instead of 1976 - adding 200 years to her age.

Two days later, at a dinner hosted by the British ambassador, the Queen teased the President:  "I wondered whether I should start this toast by saying, 'When I was here in 1776 ...'" 

Bush replied in his own speech: "Your Majesty, I can't top that one."

News Shopper:  The Queen meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Credit: PA The Queen meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Credit: PA

The Queen teases Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau toasted the Queen Elizabeth a gala for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in 2015.

Trudeau used his speech to point out that he was the 12th Canadian prime minister to hold office during her reign

Her Majesty put him in his place when she responded, "Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister, of Canada, for making me feel so old."

The Queen jokes about poisonous plants at the Chelsea Flower Show

Her Majesty is known for her sense of humour and sometimes her wit can even be a little dark.

At the Chelsea Flower Show, herb gardener Jekka McVicar spoke to the Queen Elizabeth about how lily of the valley flowers have historically been used as a poison.

McVicar relayed the story to Hello! Magazine, reporting that the Queen joked: "I've been given two bunches this week. Perhaps they want me dead."

The Queen made Prince Harry crack a smile at the Sovereign's Parade

When the Queen attended the Sovereign's Parade to inspect The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst back in 2006, she saw a familiar face among the cadets there.

During Prince Harry's passing-out ceremony where he was commissioned as an Army officer, Her Majesty passed her grandson who couldn't help but smirk.

The Queen politely declined to sit on the Game Of Thrones' Iron Throne

The Queen might be the head of state of 15 countries but she politely declined to rule over Westeros.

In June 2014, she visited the set of Game of Thrones in Belfast and while she got very close to the show's famous Iron Throne, she didn't appear to be impressed by the iconic sword chair.

Speaking to Late Night host Seth Meyers, one of the show's executive producers David Benioff revealed that Her Majesty can't actually sit on a foreign throne.

“This is an esoteric rule we didn’t know about until that moment,” Benioff explained but she didn't leave the tour empty-handed either, having been presented with her own model version.

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The Queen's " fighting talk" with the Obamas

One of the Queen's most iconic moments has to be when Prince Harry shared a video to promote the 2016 Invictus Games which featured a surprise appearance from the Queen.

The video shows the royal pair watching a video that was sent from the White House in which Mrs Michelle Obama tells them: “Hey Prince Harry, remember when you told us to bring it at the Invictus Games?”

The 44th US President Obama then adds: "Careful what you wish for,” before his security staff then say “boom” to the camera.

But it's Harry and the Queen that have us all in hysterics when the monarch replies, “Oh, really. Please."