The Platinum Jubilee weekend is nearly here so you can expect some changes to the regular timetable for many day-to-day businesses. 

Which includes the weekly bin collection in the area which will have amended collection dates to work around the historical occasion. 

In some areas, you can expect a reduced service, and changed collection times but some will still work to their normal schedule.

So you don't get caught out by the change to the schedule we've saved you a job and got all the information on bin collection times across Bexley.

News Shopper: Bin Collections over the Jubilee Bank Holiday across Watford (Canva)Bin Collections over the Jubilee Bank Holiday across Watford (Canva)

The information is according to the local council's website.

Platinum Jubilee Bin Collections in Bexley:

Normal Collections- Revised Collection

Thursday 2 June- New day is Monday 6 June

Friday 3 June- New day is Tuesday 7 June

Monday 6 June- New day is Wednesday 8 June

Tuesday 7 June- New day is Thursday 9 June 

Wednesday 8 June- New day is Friday 10 June

Thursday 9 June- New day is Saturday 11 June

Friday 10 June- New day is Monday 13 June

Tuesday 14 June- New day is Wednesday 15 June

Wednesday 15 June- New day is Thursday 16 June

Thursday 16 June- New day is Friday 17 June

Friday 17 June- New day is Saturday 18 June