Millions of brits claiming Universal Credit and other benefits are set to receive a £600 one-off payment to help with the cost-of-living crisis.

Rishi Sunak announced plans to help struggling UK families as the government faced calls to help cash-starved Brits.

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Rishi Sunak said uprating of benefits in the same timeframe could only be done for those receiving Universal Credit, adding: “Our policy will provide a larger average payment this year of £650 whereas uprating the same benefits by 9% would be worth only on average £530.”

On help for pensioners, Mr Sunak told the Commons: “From the autumn we will send over eight million pensioner households who receive the winter fuel payment an extra one-off pensioner cost-of-living payment of £300.

“Disabled people also face extra costs in their day-to-day lives, like having energy-intensive equipment around the home or workplace.

“So to help the six million people who receive non-means tested disability benefits we will send them, from September, an extra one-off disability cost-of-living payment worth £150.

“Many disabled people will also receive the payment of £650 I’ve already announced, taking their total cost-of-living payments to £800.”

Support for the most vulnerable

"We are going to provide significant targetted support to millions of the most vulnerable in society, pensioners and disabled people," said Sunak.

The Chancellor confirmed eight-million low-income households will get a one-off payment of £650.

He also said pensioners will receive a one-off payment of £300.

One third of all UK housholds will receive one or more of the payments

  • £650 for those on benefits
  • £300 extra for pensioners
  • £150 on top for those on non means tested disabilities.

£200 energy bill rebate will no longer have to be paid back

Mr Sunak has made the £200 loan for energy bills a grant that no longer needs to be paid back and increased its sum to £400.