Euromillions jackpot winners Jess and Joe Thwaitehave revealed how they will be spending their £186 million prize.

The UK couple, from Gloucester will be jetting off on a round-the-world holiday and are also on the hunt for a £7 million properties on Rightmove.

The couple told the PA news agency they planned to share the win with extended family, with even Mr Thwaite’s ex-wife being “over the moon” for them.

Mr Thwaite, a communications sales engineer, and Mrs Thwaite, who runs a hairdressing salon with her sister, have been married for 11 years and have two primary school-aged children. Mr Thwaite has two university-aged children from a previous marriage.

Mr Thwaite said he had already handed his notice in at work, and despite not being “a great car person”, the 49-year-old told PA he wanted to upgrade his small Hyundai to his dream car – a Skoda Superb estate.

Asked how many bedrooms the couple had searched for with their dream home on the property website, 44-year-old Mrs Thwaite said: “It’s not the number of bedrooms, it was just the top amount you could spend.”

Asked what he had set as an upper price limit, Mr Thwaite told PA: “I don’t know, I think I got up to about £7 million and then I just thought I was being stupid. I thought ‘what are you doing?'”

“It was just for fun because we thought it wasn’t real. He just played for a minute and just dreamed for a minute,” Mrs Thwaite said.

Her husband added: “Yes, it was just a dream, like ‘imagine this’.”

Euromillions winners excited to make their children’s dreams come true

The couple told The Sun newspaper: “Our two children have always talked about going to Hawaii, I’ve no idea why, but we can now make that dream come true.

“Just to see their faces when we can make these things come true will be worth every penny.”

The pair have been married for 11 years and have two primary school-aged children. Joe has two university-aged children from a previous marriage.

Speaking about what their children want to spend money on, Mrs Thwaite answered: “When we told our youngest two children, ‘if you could have anything in the world now that we have this money, what would you want?’, both of them said a holiday.

“We don’t go on holiday, they have ponies and everything goes into them.

“So my youngest said she wants to go to Hawaii. We have no idea why Hawaii, but we think it’s YouTube.

“She’s been talking about Hawaii for two years – and when we said she could go to Hawaii she was just jumping up and down with joy.

“Our eldest wants to go to America and do a ranch drive on a pony.

“She is obsessed with her pony – and now we can invite the rest of our family to do those with us – that’s the most important thing for us.”