The soaring cost of living is affecting us all and some of us are making changes to our day-to-day habits to try and reduce costs.

Whether it be swapping where you do your food shop or keeping an eye on your energy usage, many of us have had to think about our spending.

The Office for National Statistics reported that 88 per cent of adults said that their cost of living had risen over the past month.

92 per cent of the adults in the ONS survey who had reported an increased cost of living said that this was due to the price of food shopping.

85 per cent said that their cost of living had increased because energy prices and 79 per cent reported that it was because of fuel costs.

We asked the News Shopper readers how much they have had to “put the breaks on” their shopping habits due to the current cost of living.


Here are the replies:

  • 1. “Very conscious about lights and not leaving them on.”
  • 2. “Tumble drier off, lights and standby off as much as poss.
  • “Plus I got a second job.”
  • 3. “Not too much change here.
  • “Might get the slightly cheaper version of basics like pasta etc. but still getting good quality meals and vegetables.”
  • 4. “I have only ever bought what I need.
  • “The occasional treat eg: a book every once in a while.”
  • 5. “Buy own brands in shops and only what I need.”
  • 6. “Eat more salads.
  • “Saves on the fuel.”
  • 7. “Lots.”


Have you been making any changes to your spending habits?

Leave us a comment to let us know how you have been trying to combat the cost-of-living crisis.

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