BEXLEY Conservatives have said they are against potential plans for the expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in Bexley.

It comes after the Mayor of London announced plans to expand the ULEZ congestion zone by early next year.

This means residents who have cars that are not compliant with ULEZ will have to £12.50 a day to drive.

Bexley Conservative candidates promised to go against the ULEZ plan as a part of its manifesto during the local May elections.

51 per cent of voters in Bexley backed the manifesto proposed by the Conservatives.

A party spokesperson wrote a letter to Khan which said that the expansion “will hit small businesses” in Bexley if it were to go ahead.

It said that customers will stop driving into Bexley from Swanley, Dartford, or Kent.

The letter from the Bexley Conservatives explained: “Imposing ULEZ on Bexley as well would be a further blow to household budgets.

“A daily £12.50 bill to drive to work, hospital, or the shops is punitive and unfair, especially with no exemption for blue badge holders or adequate scrappage schemes.

“While some may be able to buy a new vehicle, many will not be able to.

“Nor do Bexley residents have the same public transport alternatives as people in central London.

“ULEZ may work in a city centre but not in outer London suburbs.”

The Bexley party explained it wants to work with Khan to tackle air pollution by installing more electric charging points, planting more trees, and improving public transport.

Drivers of cars, smaller vans, motorbikes, and other lighter vehicles travelling into London which do not meet the ULEZ standard will also have to pay £12.50 to enter.

If the ULEZ decision does go ahead residents will have to pay or upgrade their cars to avoid the charge.

The ULEZ charge is currently only imposed in the Congestion Charge zone and up to the North and South Circular roads.

A car is the highest method of travel in Bexley (56 per cent) followed by walking (23 per cent), according to Bexley Council.

Residents can be fined up to £160 each time if they fail to pay the charge.

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