It's a well-known fact that the capital isn't renowned for its clean air, with history reminding us all of the Great Smog back in 1952. 

Of course, the air quality has improved over the last sixty years with the introduction of the ULEZ, electric cars and buses and the end to coal power. 

But London's air pollution levels are still known to be very bad and harmful to many, especially those that have heart and lung problems or suffer from asthma. 

In fact, despite major efforts to improve air quality levels, the capital still failed the World Health Organisations' (WHO) air quality limits. 

News Shopper: Check the air pollution level. (Canva)Check the air pollution level. (Canva)

With toxic air pollution discovered around every London hospital and medical centre according to the London Atmospheric Emissions Inventory.

Check the Air Pollution in your area:

But now thanks to a new interactive map you can check the exact levels of air pollution in your local area. 

The map was created by The Central Office of Public Interest and Imperial College London and breaks down all of the levels of pollutants.

All you have to do is type in your postcode and it will give the exact air quality report for the location. 

With areas of SE10 seeing very high pollution levels and exceeding three W.H.O limits.

Plus it even breaks down the health risk living in the pollution levels could cause, with the potential for asthma, jeopardize lung functions and promote cancer, it even shows that over 19% of strokes were attributed to the exposure. 

But it's not all bad news as the report was created to show the harmfulness of air pollution and the change you can do.

With its 'Demand Action' button which hopes to make estate agents "act lawfully and disclose air pollution ratings on all property listings".

Adding that: "Air pollution is the biggest environmental risk to public health and, like asbestos, is a cause of cancer.

"People need to know. Everyone has a right to know what they’re breathing."

If you want to check the air pollution levels and help improve air quality levels, you can check out the map via this link.