PEOPLE have had their say after Barclays confirmed the permanent closure of its branch in Sidcup.

The British bank company will close its doors in Sidcup High Street on August 10 at 12pm.

It comes as Barclays revealed that only 265 customers use the Sidcup branch for banking.

Barclays announced that 84 per cent of Sidcup customers only use online and telephone banking.

Figures also show that 27 per cent of Sidcup bankers have been using other branches in the past year.

As a result, Barclays decided to close the branch down for good.

We asked News Shopper readers on Twitter and Facebook about what they thought of the closure of the Sidcup branch.

Here's what you had to say:

Ruth Ellen Fancett said: “Hardly any banks left behind in the High Street.

“This means those who have/want to do physical banking will have to go to busier High Streets and Sidcup businesses will lose their custom.”

Maxine Knight said: “Had some brilliant staff Xmas parties there years ago.

“Shame for all the staff.”

Daniel Clark said: “If only 256 people use it then it's no wonder it's closing.”

Mel Bremner said: “What a shame.”

Harriet Waldron said: “There will be no banks left.”

Hayley on Twitter said: “I feel sorry for all the older people who rely on their local banks and who don't have access to Internet banking.

“Just makes everything that bit harder for them.”

Teresa on Twitter said: “I agree.

“It’s the oldest bank on Sidcup High Street lots of the older generation of locals will find the closure hard.”

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