A South London nursery has been rated inadequate in all areas after Ofsted found kids were left to lie around on the floor.

A member of staff at Rising Stars School in Southwark was criticised for leaving babies unsupervised during a visit by an inspector in January. 

Ofsted said children’s safety was put at risk and the manager failed to ensure rules were followed.

An inspector found nappy cream with a hazard warning left in a basket on the toilet floor where kids could reach it.

Fire extinguishers at the nursery also hadn’t been checked to ensure they were working properly.

An Ofsted report published on May 5 reads: “Children spend long periods wandering or lying on the floor, without any interaction with adults.

"Consequently, they do not make adequate progress.”

It adds: “Activities on offer are unimaginative and mundane. Therefore, children are not challenged and stimulated.

"They often display low levels of engagement or wander around seeking something purposeful to do.”

The report also said there was “only one member of staff on site” when an Ofsted inspector arrived.

It added: “When staff had to leave the room, such as to answer the door, babies and children were left alone, out of sight and hearing.

“Staff do not have a secure understanding of how to identify and minimise risks to children’s safety.

"For instance, babies’ nappy creams are left in a basket on the toilet floor, despite having hazard warnings on the labels.

"Children use the toilet independently and could easily access these unobserved by staff.” 

But the report praised the nursery, which cares for kids aged 0 to four, for taking children on trips out in the local area.

The report reads: “Children enjoy daily outings to a library or local parks and shops.

"This helps to support their physical health and to teach them about the world around them.”

Workers at the nursery in Peckham were also complemented for teaching kids how to look after themselves.

The report continues: “Staff encourage children to manage their personal care needs, such as feeding themselves and using the toilet independently.

"Children learn to wash their hands regularly, to promote good hygiene.”

Rising Stars School on Peckham Hill Street was rated good at its last inspection in 2017.

The nursery has been contacted for comment.

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