Bromley Council will still be under the control of Conservatives after the local 2022 elections.

Bickley & Sundridge, Bromley Common and Holwood, Chelsfield, Darwin, Farnborough & Crofton, Kelsey and Eden Park, Mottingham, Orpington, Shortlands & Park Langley, St Mary Cray, St Paul’s Cray, West Wickham all saw Tory successes.

Conservatives won 36 seats, whilst the Labour party came in second by gaining 12 seats.

Below is the breakdown of the Bromley boroughs results:

Beckenham Town and Copers Cope: The ward of Beckenham Town and Copers Cope has elected ill Connolly (Liberal Democrats) Chloe-Jane Ross (Liberal Democrats) Michael John Tickner (Conservative).

Bickley and Sundridge: The ward of Bickley and Sundridge has elected three Conservative candidates - Kira Gabbert (2,266 votes), Kate Lymer (2,671 votes) and Colin Paul Smith (2,643 votes).

Biggin Hill: The ward of Biggin Hill has elected two Independent candidates - Sophie Alexandra Dunbar (1,323 votes) and Melanie May Stevens (1,443 votes).

Bromley Common and Holwood: The ward of Bromley Common and Holwood has elected three Conservative candidates, David Barrington Jefferys (2,114 votes), Jonathan Laidlaw (2,019 votes) and Sunil Gupta (1,927 votes).

Bromley Town: The ward of Bromley Town has elected three Liberal Democrats candidates – Julie Mary Ireland (1,929 votes), Sam Webber (1,834 votes) and Graeme Lee Casey (1,828 votes).

Chelsfield: The ward for Chelsfield has elected two Conservative candidates – Mike Botting (1,838 votes) and Angela Page (1,765 votes).

Chislehurst: The ward of Chislehurst has elected three Chislehurst Matters candidates –Alison Margaret Stammers (2,827 votes), Mark Jeffrey Smith (2,548 votes) and Michael William Jack (2,531 votes).

Clock House: The ward of Clock House has elected three Labour candidates - Jeremy Richard Adams (Labour) Jessica Lily Arnold (Labour) Josh King (Labour)

Crystal Palace and Anerley: The ward of Crystal Palace and Anerley has elected two Labour candidates: Ruth Helen McGregor (1,760 votes) and Ryan David Thomson (1,549 votes).

Darwin: The ward of Darwin has elected one Conservative candidate, Jonathan James Andrews with 920 votes.

Farnborough & Crofton: The ward of Farnborough & Crofton has elected three Conservative candidates, Bob Evans (2,941 votes), Charles Joel (2,910 votes) and Christopher David Marlow (2,773 votes).

Hayes and Coney Hall: The ward of Hayes and Coney Hall has elected three Conservative candidates, Alexa Christine Anne Michael (2,527 votes), Thomas Frederick Turrell (2,347 votes) and Andrew James Lee (2,184 votes).

Kelsey and Eden Park: The ward of Kelsey and Eden Park has elected three Conservative candidates, Christine Harris (2,073 votes), Peter Leslie Dean (2,064 votes) and Diane Helen Smith (2,000 votes).

Mottingham: The ward of Mottingham has elected two Conservative candidates, David Cartwright (1,081 votes) and Will Rowlands (936 votes).

Orpington: The ward of Orpington has elected two Conservative candidates, Kim Davina Botting (1,630 votes) and Pauline Anne Tunnicliffe (1,608 votes).

Penge and Cator: The ward of Penge and Cator has elected three Labour candidates, Kathy Bance (3,655 votes), Simon David Jeal (3,082 votes) and Kevin Charles Kennedy-Brooks (2,742 votes).

Petts Wood and Knoll: The ward of Petts Wood and Knoll has elected three Conservative candidates – Keith Onslow (2,992 votes), Tony Owen (2,905 votes) and Simon Henry Fawthrop (2,880 votes).

Plaistow: The ward of Plaistow has elected two Labour candidates, Alisa Elaine Ide Igoe (1,566 votes) and Tony McPartlan (1,514 votes).

Shortlands and Park Langley: The ward of Shortlands & Park Langley has elected three Conservative candidates – Felicity Jessica Bainbridge (2,262 votes), Aisha Elyse Vance Cuthbert (2,151 votes) and Adam Jude Grant (2,110 votes).

St Mary Cray: The ward of St Mary Cray has elected three Conservative candidates - Yvonne Jasmine Mary Bear (1,930 votes), Shaun Slator (1,900 votes) and Harry Randolph Stranger (1,847 votes).

St Paul’s Cray: The ward of St Mary Cray has elected one Conservative candidates, Colin Walter Hitchins (1,101 votes), and two Labour candidates Chris Price (1,118 votes) and Rebecca Louise Wiffen (1,089 votes).

West Wickham: The ward of West Wickham has elected three Conservative candidates, Mark Brock (2,341 votes), Hannah Gray (2,172 votes) and Nicholas Jerome Bennet (2,164 votes).

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