THE voter turnout rate has been announced for Bexley Council after the local elections.

A total of 140,800 ballot votes were counted last night in Bexley while 696 were rejected.

In the previous Bexley elections, 174,188 people were eligible to vote and 64,705 voters returned valid ballot papers.

This equated to a valid voter turnout of 37.1 per cent, according to Electoral Commission Data.

Votes can be rejected if a paper has not been marked properly, has been spoiled, or when voting for more than one candidate.

The figures below have been collected from the Bexley Council website.

Here’s a breakdown of the voter turnout rate (ballot papers) in Bexley:

Barnehurst: 33.93 per cent (5,515 votes: 42 rejected)

Blackfen and Lamorbey: 32.97 per cent (11,125 votes, 57 rejected)

Blendon and Penhill: 33.21 per cent (10,496 votes, 39 rejected)

Belvedere: 31.32 per cent (9,996 votes, 51 rejected)

Bexleyheath: 35.49 per cent (11,636 votes, 57 rejected)

Northumberland Heath: 35.64 per cent (5,257 votes)

Slade Green and Northend: 24.34 per cent (3,894 votes, 14 rejected)

Sidcup: 33.07 per cent (10,682 votes, 72 rejected)

Thamesmead East: 24.35 per cent (6,846 votes, 33 rejected)

West Heath: 36.01 per cent (12,077 votes, 150 rejected)

Crook Log: 36.11 per cent (11,762 votes, 51 rejected)

Crayford: 32.56 per cent (10,210 votes, 105 rejected)

Erith: 27.88 per cent (4,315 votes, four rejected)

East Wickham: 34.50 per cent (11,103 votes)

Falconwood & Welling: 31.95 per cent (10,646 votes, 21 rejected)

Longlands: 36.61 per cent (5,240 votes)

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