An annual Bromley festival has been allowed to go ahead this year – despite local complaints of carnival-goers vomiting in their gardens.

The Soul Town Festival organisers insist action has been taken to avoid the problems of previous years.

The September event, which can hold almost 10,000 people, will take place at Croydon Road Recreational Ground.

Bromley’s licensing sub-committee signed off proposals for fourth running of the festival.

But nearby residents have lashed out at noise complaints and alleged drug use in previous years.

Locals also claimed in their council consultations that festival-goers urinated outside homes after leaving the event.

One person even claimed to have to “scrub [their] front garden from vomit and faeces.”

Event organisers Lucy Bateman and Joe Courtney of ST Events explained to councillors the action they were taking.

Mr Courtney said: “We have now instructed a street patrol team to give advice and guidance on the way home, to try and stop them going into roads that do not lead into transport [hubs].”

Ms Bateman added the street team would provide an “extended presence” and be separate from the security team who would already be covering the event.

Mr Courtney also strongly denied the claim Soul Town had a “drugs problem” and spoke of the complete absence of violence at their events, as “with drugs comes violence and anti-social behaviour”.

He also said customers would be searched for a longer period of time before entering, and amnesty bins would be provided outside the festival to give people a final chance to chuck their drugs away.

On the issue of noise, the organisers said they would be changing the layout of the festival to “direct the music away from residents as much as possible and to keep the noise to a minimum.”

The Soul Town festival showcases the best soul acts from around the world, and has been granted an entertainment and alcohol license for the first weekend of September.

The festival is open to over-25s but does feature a “family day” on Sunday.

Reacting after the license was granted, Soul Town organisers Ms Bateman and Mr Courtney said: “We are so happy to announce our 2022 license has been granted.

"We have worked with local authorities to ensure this year’s festival is by far the best year yet.

"Improvements include extended site with additional bars, more secure VIP wrist bands, thorough security checks, additional toilets, age restrictions and the biggest U.K. and U.S line up to date.”

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